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This afternoon, I visited Pollock Park in Glasgow. This is home to a herd of Highland Cattle which are owned by the local Council. Could not resist this image of mother and calf

This afternoon, I visited Pollock House near Glasgow. This is an interesting grand mansion formerly owned by the Maxwell family who can point to about 700 years of castles and mansions on and around the same site. This particular mansion was designed by famous Scots architect, Robert Adam and continued by his son, John. It dates from the mid 18th century and falls into the ‘Palladian Mansion’ category.

Pollock House and surrounding grounds, gardens and lands are now owned and/or managed by the National Trust and Glasgow Council. The public has access. On a sunny day like to today, many Glaswegians were enjoying the grounds and gardens which are enhanced by the White Cart Water (river) which runs close to the front of the property. There is also a golf course nearby.

Elsewhere today, I have been fully occupied researching an upcoming battlefields tour in Central Scotland. Its amazing to learn just how much military activity has taken place within about a 100KM radius of Stirling Castle starting with the Romans, then a couple of medieval era battles and then Sheriffmuir in 1715.

Separately posted information on Mitchell family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

(Layout of blog has changed beacuse of changes to Flickr functionality which affects postings of images.)

This evening, my theme is Luss Parish which is dedicated to St. Kessog who came to Luss in AD510. I visit the quaint and heritage village of Luss many times in course of a year but it is only on rare occasions that I manage to gain access to the interior. This evening I am providing a video clip of the interior together with more information on this historic Christian site.

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