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This evening, I was presented with an unusual photo opportunity in form of a new born fox cub exploring our garden. Like his/her parents the cub was slightly nervous of humans notwithstanding which I did manage to obtain some reasonable shots and a  short video clip. The youngster is about the size of an adult cat. We will watch his/her development with interest.

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This evening, my blog theme is golf which it could be argued is part of the fabric of life in Scotland. The game originated along the east coast of Scotland on ‘links’ ground which is a sort of no-mans-land close to the coast comprising mainly sandy surface unsuitable for farming but, when combined with undulating contours, proved ideal for the sport of golf.

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This evening, my theme is the Forth Road Bridge, which is not to be confused with the Forth Rail Bridge.

The Forth Road Bridge dates from 1966 but, unlike its sister rail bridge, has suffered structural problems. The bridge now carries about double the daily traffic it was designed for in addition to which the steel cables have suffered extensive corrosion for which a repair solution cannot be guaranteed. In light of the cable corrosion problems a decision has been made to build a new crossing across the Firth of Forth which is deemed essential for the busy route between Edinburgh and the east of Scotland. The new bridge will cost over GBP1.0bn and will prove a major claim on Scotland’s budget at a time of financial austerity.

The above image is provided courtesy of Alister McDermott, a Blue Badge Tour Guide based in Edinburgh.  This image will be difficult for members of the public to replicate as access to the vantage point is now heavily restricted on safety grounds.

Elsewhere today:

  • I have been busy checking the details of an extensive self-drive tour of Britain and Ireland.
  • Took a call from a client from Texas who expressed satisfaction with the small group tour I had arranged and asked for a small extension.
  • Accepted invitation to meet with a Glasgow tour agent with aim of promoting in-bound tours of Scotland from the Far East.

Weather in Glasgow has been reasonably dry and mild.