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Champion Archer, Alnwick Castle

Champion Archer, Alnwick Castle, England

This morning, we departed our Edinburgh lodgings and headed south, to Galashiels, home of guest’s ancestor. Here we visited Galashiels Old Town Cemetery, which dates from the early 17th century. We inspected the old grave-markers. The high elevation offered good views over the town which has a long history in the textile industry.

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Dryburgh Abbey, Borders Region

Dryburgh Abbey, Borders Region, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders region.

Dryburgh was founded in 1150 by an Anglo-Norman named Hugh de Moreville who had been granted lands in Scotland by King David I. The Abbey was occupied not by monks but by Premonstratensians who were priests who lived together in the community.

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Ormistons at Scott's View, Melrose

Ormistons at Scott’s View, Melrose, Scotland

This morning, we departed our lodgings at Melrose and drove a short distance to our first stop at Scott’s View, a  stunning landscape, reputed to be the favourite viewpoint of novelist, Sir Walter Scott, which overlooks the valley of the River Tweed and Melrose. Here we stopped for group photos.

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