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Melville Monument


This evening, my theme is Melville Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. It is a very significant monument which dominates the local landscape from St Andrew Square and has for long intrigued me. Read more on Melville Monument, Edinburgh…

This evening, my theme is the Picts who were the indigenous people of Scotland prior to arrival of the Scots from Ireland around the 5th century AD.

Pictish stone at Meigle

We learn of the Picts from the Romans who called the people Pictii or ‘Painted Men’. Our knowledge base of the Pictsis woefully low with much left to speculation. This is because (a) the Picts seem to have left no record of a written language and (b) they were never assimilated within the Roman Empire thus only tit bits of information from Roman sources are available. The Picts were ultimately subsumed, around the 9th century,within a united country of what is now Scotland ruled by the Gaelic speaking Scots.

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Today, commenced with a very early start. At 5.00am I was able to take some stunning images of  a brilliant red sunrise at Broadford on Skye.

Sunrise on Skye

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