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Maeshowe Neolithic Site

Maeshowe Neolithic Site, Orkney, Scotland

This evening, the focus of my blog is one of Scotland’s Prehistoric site, namely Maeshowe on Orkney.

The structure dates from the Neolithic era (New Stone Age), around 3000BC and hence is some 5000 years old. Maeshowe is considered the finest chambered tomb in north-west Europe. To mind there are strong similarities with Newgrange in Ireland. I am also mindful of the social organisation in those far off days which must have been capable of marshalling a huge workforce at a time when the early people were living close to the environment and were restricted to just stone tools and, possibly, no wheeled vehicles.

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This morning, we commenced Day 2 of our Orkney tour by departing our Kirkwall Hotel and then driving to the Stones of Stenness, a relatively small Henge and Stone Circle dating from the 3rd millennium BC. Although comprising of a small number of stones, a couple are extremely tall with tops finished off at about 45 degrees.

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Pictish Symbols at Aberlemno

Abstract Pictish Symbols at Aberlemno

This morning my Castles Tour ended when I dropped off the guests at Aberdeen Airport. I then proceeded to drive south (home) stopping en-route to visit and photograph the  7-9th  centuries AD (Pictish era) carved stones at Aberlemno in Angus, east of Scotland.

The Picts ( Picti or painted people) were the indigenous inhabitants of Scotland occupying the territory lying north of Forth-Clyde estuaries. These people apparently did not have a written language notwithstanding which they have left a huge cultural legacy in the form of expertly carved stone monuments which reflect verY favourably on their artistic skills. The carved stones feature a mix of battle scenes, religious scenes ( particularly King David and Daniel) and unique abstract symbols which we are unable to interpret today. These carvings may have been the medium for a combination of propaganda and religious messages to a largely illiterate society. Read more on Aberlemno Sculptured Stones, Scotland…