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Great Western Terrace by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson

Today, in course of a snowstorm, I visited Great Western Terrace in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.

Purpose of the visit was to view and photograph what is acknowledged as Glasgow’s grandest terrace which dates from 1867-77.  This was designed by Alexander Thomson, the greatest architect of Victorian Glasgow. He acquired the moniker ‘Greek’  Thomson because his work was inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece. However, Thomson, who lived 1817-1875, rarely left Glasgow and never visited Greece. Thomson did not slavishly copy the ancient Greeks but adapted the style to the 19th century incorporating inventions like plate glass and cast-iron. Whilst some of Thomson’s work has been demolished there still remains an extensive portfolio to admire, including the Caledonia Road Church and St. Vincent Street Church.

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Melville Monument and St. Andrew Sqaure, Edinburgh, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on St. Andrew Square which sits at the eastern end of George Street in Edinburgh’s New Town.  

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Charlotte Square Architecture, Edinburgh, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Charlotte Square, an architectural gem at the western end of Edinburgh’s New Town.

The  New Town progressively evolved and grew after the area was opened up for development in the late 18th century. A young ( 22 years old) and hitherto unknown architect named James Craig won the competition for the layout in 1766. Construction progress was slow and erratic due to occasional shortages of money caused by the Napoleonic Wars and other factors. Much of the work was completed by the 1830s, however.

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