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This afternoon, I decided to cycle round to Greenbank Garden to observe the transition to autumn/fall. Greenbank is a popular location with local people who enjoy the well kept garden of this 18th century heritage property which is controlled by the National Trust for Scotland.

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Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Today I have been re-grouping after an extended tour of Scotland and Ireland, mainly concentrating on admin type matters prior to embarking on next tour of Scotland.

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Paisley Abbey

This morning I was preoccupied with ‘re-grouping’ after completing a two week tour of Scotland and Ireland. I had to visit the nearby historic town of Paisley to return a rented item and took the opportunity to visit the famous Abbey and obtain information on memorial stones inside for my separate Ancestry Blog. Inside can be found some very ancient family memorials dating back to the 16th century, although legibility of some inscriptions has been affected by passage of time and exposure to the elements.

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