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This evening I am marshalling some images from a 2007 stone circles tour.

Machrie is a very rich site being located on a remote part of the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.

This site is a fascinating collection of prehistoric monuments, chambered tombs, hut circles and six megalithic rings.

The variety of design suggests that the various structures were erected over a span of hundreds of years in what may have been a sacred area.Will we ever know why they were built and what precise function they served? The scale of the task in transporting and shaping the stones would suggest a wealthy and hierarchical society about 4000-5000 years ago.

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Today, I am presenting some images of Clava Cairns which is a ‘must’ for persons interested in pre-history and are visiting the Inverness area of Scotland.

The Balnuaran of Clava is a well preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns which were built about 2000BC. The site consists of:

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Croft Moraig (Mary’s Croft) consists of a circle of twelve heavy stones with a further two forming an eastern entrance. There is a cupmarked recumbent stone positioned on the south west bank.

This is a good example of a stone circle dating back about 5000 years. Access is easy.

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