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Angel of the North, Newcastle

Angel of the North, Newcastle, England

This afternoon I called in to photograph the famous Angel of the North sculpture which is located near Newcastle upon Tyne in N.E. England.  This stunning piece of public sculpture dominates the local skyline. Key facts are:

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Buskers, Buchanan St

Buskers, Buchanan St, Glasgow

This afternoon, I met guests as arranged at Tourist Information office in George Square and then proceeded to tour the key Glasgow sites.

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Pictish Symbols at Aberlemno

Abstract Pictish Symbols at Aberlemno

This morning my Castles Tour ended when I dropped off the guests at Aberdeen Airport. I then proceeded to drive south (home) stopping en-route to visit and photograph the  7-9th  centuries AD (Pictish era) carved stones at Aberlemno in Angus, east of Scotland.

The Picts ( Picti or painted people) were the indigenous inhabitants of Scotland occupying the territory lying north of Forth-Clyde estuaries. These people apparently did not have a written language notwithstanding which they have left a huge cultural legacy in the form of expertly carved stone monuments which reflect verY favourably on their artistic skills. The carved stones feature a mix of battle scenes, religious scenes ( particularly King David and Daniel) and unique abstract symbols which we are unable to interpret today. These carvings may have been the medium for a combination of propaganda and religious messages to a largely illiterate society. Read more on Aberlemno Sculptured Stones, Scotland…