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Detail of Sculpture

Detail of Sculpture 'Monument to Maternity'

 This morning, I ventured back into Glasgow to find, view and photograph items on the Merchant City Public Art Trail.  Aided by sunny weather this proved a productive and satisfying experience.

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Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow
Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland


This evening, I went out on my bike (in the rain) with the aim of photographing certain elements of Glasgow’s public art which are illuminated and therefore best seen at night. This venture was partly successful because one of the illuminations seems to have been taken down. However, I did eventually locate an intriguing triptych on a wall up an obscure and partly blocked off side street, Tontine Lane, where footfall would be somewhere around zero.

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Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning  I cycled into central Glasgow (Scotland’s largest city) to explore various facets of the public art and heritage in and around the Merchant City area. There is more to do but in meantime I am submitting a portfolio of images and  narrative relative to the various items many of which have links with Glasgow’s history as a trading city and even further back in time to around the 6th century AD and St. Mungo, Glasgow’s patron saint.

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