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Linlithgow Town Centre

Linlithgow Town Centre, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the historic town of Linlithgow (pop 14,000) which is located about 20 miles west of Edinburgh.

The raison d’etre for this town is the former Royal Palace  around which the town grew and evolved. There was a royal manor here in the 12th century AD which was transformed into an English military stronghold in 1302. This royal building and much of the surrounding town was destroyed by fire in 1424. James I of Scotland subsequently initiated construction of a sumptuous royal palace on the site. However, after the union of crowns (with England) in the 17th century the palace was virtually abandoned and then, apparently accidentally, destroyed by yet another fire, in 1745.

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Mile End Mill, Paisley

Mile End Mill, Paisley, Scotland

Today, I attended a meeting in Paisley (near Glasgow) and took the opportunity to connect with this town’s historic association with the textile (thread mill) industry which at its peak employed tens of thousands of people in huge mill complexes.Two of the mills still exist although are now converted to office and residential housing accommodation.One of the mills, Ferguslie, has been demolished.

Thread making in Paisley was dominated by the Coats and Clark families who once the largest thread manufacturers in the world with factories in Russia, Germany, Spain, Chile, Argentina, U.S.A (New Jersey) and other places. These families had a philanthropic ethic and helped to finance both Paisley Town Hall and the huge Baptist ‘Cathedral’.

Another famous product of Paisley is the Paisley Pattern Shawl which is still produced on a small scale and can be purchased at the Town Museum.

Since the demise of the textile industry, Paisley has been struggling to reinvent itself. There is a lot of history here (historic Abbey and more) but the town tends to be by-passed by visitors in favour of nearby Glasgow.

To help visitors understand the industrial past, there is a Thread Mill Museum at the former Mile End Mill which is open April-Sept.

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Reaper, Sailing Vessel

Reaper, Sailing Vessel, Anstruther

This evening, I am focusing on a couple of historic Scottish sailing vessels which I have encountered in course of my tours around Scotland and which represent an important part of Scotland’s heritage.

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