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This afternoon, I am presenting some images of a recent visit to Balnuaran of Clava, near Inverness which was incorporated in a recent tour.

This is an exceptionally well preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns dating back about 4000 years.

Here is a kerb stone with evidence of cup-marks.These are small, dish shaped depressions which have been carved into a rock surface by pecking away with a hard stone implement for what motive no-one knows for certain. There are 104 theories to explain the function of cup marks.

Here is an overview of the site looking towards the N.E.Cairn which is a well preserved passage grave.
Here is inside of one of the cairns which would have contained a body.

Anothse aspect of the site
Here is a friendly tour guide against one of the circle of standing stones which circle the N.E.Cairn.
Scotland is particularly well endowed with pre-history. If you are seeking a specialized tour then post a comment!

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Achnabreck, Kilmartin

Isle of Arran

Ben Lawers, Perthshire

All of the above images were taken during autumn/fall 2006 in course of a themed tour. There is endless speculation on interpretation of the designs. Contact Catswhiskerstours for more information-and a pre-history themed tour.

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Bodies have been found in bogs all over Scotland and North West Europe, about 150 in total including the famous Tollund Man of Denmark. Recent discoveries in Ireland include:

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