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Highland Bull

This afternoon, with unusual bright sunny conditions, I went round to Pollock House and Gardens to obtain a few seasonal images.

Pollock House  is a Palladian Mansion which dates from the mid 18th century. It was designed by father and son duo of William and John Adam for the Maxwell family.

Today the house, gardens and park are open to the public which makes for a very pleasant facility for Glaswegians. Unusually, the grounds are also home to a considerable herd of Highland Cattle which usually prove very attractive and photogenic. Today, I was lucky and managed to get a good image of black bull (see above). Read more on Pollock House and Gardens, Glasgow…

Kenmore Hotel


This evening, I am focusing on one of my favourite places -and hotels.

Kenmore is a small village located on the northern end of Loch Tay in Perthshire, Central Scotland. This is a wonderful place to relax and unwind in a semi-Highland setting. Read more on Kenmore, Scotland…

Today, I collected my guests from Edinburgh and took them on a day trip to visit some of the key sites on Hadrian’s Wall. I selected three key sites, namely Corbridge, Housesteads Roman Fort and Vindolanda.

Granary at Corbridge

Corbridge pre-dates the construction of Hadrian’s Wall and lies a little to the south of the line of the Wall. It started as a military site around AD80 and subsequently evolved into an important combined military and civilian site with a long period of occupation. I always describe  Corbridge as a “mini-Pompeii”, possibly an exaggeration but it is exciting to walk along the Roman streets, visit the important granaries and even the safe where the payroll was kept. On site there is a good museum featuring many of the finds from the site. Read more on Tour of Hadrian’s Wall…