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Cycling in Lake District, England


This evening, I am posting a selection of images covering the Lake District region of N.W. England.

The Lake District is an extremely scenic area focused on the county of Cumbria most of which is a National Park extending to 588 square miles.

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Rome’s Final Frontier Exhibition, Hunteran Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on an aspect of the Antonine Wall which, for a short period in the 2nd century AD, replaced Hadrian’s Wall as the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain. This frontier benefits from a dedicated exhibition in Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum which is attached to Glasgow University.

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Landscape view of Walls Hill Fort, Renrewshire, Scotland

Today, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition by visiting Walls Hill Fort, near Johnston in Renfrewshire, S.W.Scotland.

Summary facts and information:-

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