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Bothwellhaugh Bridge, Strathclyde Country Park, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on an ancient stone bridge located in Strathclyde Country Park, S.E.of Glasgow, Scotland.

This bridge is commonly known as the ‘Roman Bridge’ but this description is misleading as the bridge is unlikely to be of Roman provenance, more likely medieval and possibly about 500 years old.

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Tonight, I am posting information on Bothwellhaugh Roman Bath House which is located in Strathclyde Country Park, south-east of Glasgow.

Summary facts and information as follows:-

  • Constructed about AD 142.
  • Associated with a nearby fort only scant evidence of which remains.

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This morning, we embarked on a tour to connect with McDougall family history centred in the town of Hamilton, Scotland.

First to Old Avon Bridge to view location where ancestor, John McDougall had carved his initials on the bridge parapet in the early 20th century.

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