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Arbeia Roman Fort was built around AD 161-180 and extended from 1.7 to 2.1 hectares after AD 200. Rationale was to extend capacity as a supply base.
The site was extended to include 22 granaries, After abandonment of the northern campaign Arbeia acted as a supply base for Hadrian’s Wall,

Willowford Bridge Abutment is part of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. Here the masonry was left abandoned by the relentless drift west of the River Irthing forcing the Romans to rebuild in tandem with migration of the river.

York (Eboracum) was a combined Roman military and civilian base for about 300 years or so. In fact, in AD208 the Emperor Septimus Severus established his Imperial Court here and ruled the Empire from York for a period of three years whilst campaigning in what is now Scotland.