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This morning I visited Strathclyde Country Park near Motherwell. Here, in 1973, was discovered a bath house close to the South Calder Water and in proximity to the Bothwellhaugh Roman Fort.

The fort was on the line of the Roman road linking Carlisle with the Clyde.

The bath-house comprised a number of rooms: a vestibule, a cold room, two warm rooms,a hot room and a furnace room. The facility would have been restricted to about 20 soldiers at any one time.

After the Romans departed there is evidence that local “squatters” were in occupation with the building a total ruin by end of the second century AD.

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This morning I visited a famous Roman site forming part of the Antonine Wall which in turn formed the north-west frontier of the Roman empire from about AD140-160.

The Wall extended from Bridgeness on the Forth estuary (near Edinburgh) to Old Kilpatrick on the River Clyde, a distance of about 40 Roman miles or 37 English miles.

The Wall rampart (10 feet high by 6 ft top-width) was largely built of turf blocks and mainly on a stone base at least 14 ft wide. A rough parallel ditch some 20ft (berm) to the north was generally formed in a V-section (40ft width and 12ft central depth) whilst to the south, some 45 yards inside the rampart ran the Military Way, a road some 17ft wide.)

The two video clips below were taken near to Rough Castle on the Wall.

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This morning, Glasgow’s layer of snow remained in situ. As the temperature was below freezing any standing water was covered in ice, a feature which applied to the Forth & Clyde Canal at Anniesland where I went this morning to take the video clips below. Where not protected by bridges, the canal had frozen over to a good thickness.

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