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Today, I collected my guests from Edinburgh and took them on a day trip to visit some of the key sites on Hadrian’s Wall. I selected three key sites, namely Corbridge, Housesteads Roman Fort and Vindolanda.

Granary at Corbridge

Corbridge pre-dates the construction of Hadrian’s Wall and lies a little to the south of the line of the Wall. It started as a military site around AD80 and subsequently evolved into an important combined military and civilian site with a long period of occupation. I always describe  Corbridge as a “mini-Pompeii”, possibly an exaggeration but it is exciting to walk along the Roman streets, visit the important granaries and even the safe where the payroll was kept. On site there is a good museum featuring many of the finds from the site. Read more on Tour of Hadrian’s Wall…

This evening, I am in Edinburgh preparing for tomorrow’s private tour of Hadrian’s Wall. I am very excited about this as Roman Britain is one of my key passions.

I plan to take my guests to visit Corbridge (Coria), Vindolanda and Housesteads Fort. If the weather holds this should prove a good trip.

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Today, I was able to indulge my passion for the Roman era via a tour of Roman York in N.E. England.

York was established as a major centre of Roman Britain in the first century AD by the Ninth Legion and later the Sixth Legion. Between AD 208 and 211 York (Eboracum) was actually the epicentre of the Roman Empire as during that time the Emperor Septimus Severus was based there during his campaigns in what is now Scotland. Despite the successive occupations of York by Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and then the medieval era, there remain visible signs of the Roman occupation as summarised below.

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