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Auld Kirk, Alloway, Scotland


Thisd evening, I am posting information on the ruined Auld Kirk ( old church) at Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland. This small ruin has achieved great fame and status as a visitor attraction due to connection with poet, Robert Burns who was born a short distance away.

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Tour Group at Burns Cottage, Alloway, Scotland

This morning, I collected guests from central Glasgow and then embarked on a tour as follows:

  • First to Rutland Crescent, Glasgow, a site where an ancestor ¬†lived. Now much changed with modern housing.

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Medieval Sculpture at Caerlaverock Castle

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Carlisle and drove round the Solway Firth, across the Scottish Border to our first stop at the 13th century Caerlaverock Castle which has connections with Clan Maxwell. We also visited the foundations of an earlier, 10th century castle located nearby.

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