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This evening I am posting some in formation on the upscale town of Helensburgh located on the shore of the Firth of Forth. The population is about 20,000 but its most famous claim to fame is the number of famous people who who were either born in the own or closely connected with it, viz:

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This evening, I am presenting an image of Edinburgh’s Old Observatory which was designed by James Craig and dates from 1776. This is situated on Calton Hill and meshes in with the New Town architecture which can be seen in the background.

This was planned as the City Observatory with advice from Robert Adam. It is one of Craig’s very few surviving buildings.

This image was taken from atop the Nelson Monument which offers the fit and energetic some great views when visibility is right.

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This evening, I am presenting some panoramic images of Leith. This is an industrial town and port which sits on Edinburgh’s northern shore and is often overlooked by the vast bulk of tourist visitors to Edinburgh.

The two images were taken from Edinburgh Castle and show the towers of Leith in the middle distance then the Firth of Forth then, in the distance, the Fife Coast which ultimately winds its way round to St. Andrews.

For several centuries Leith was an important shipping terminal and played an important role in Edinburgh’s growth and prosperity. Leith’s decline has, to an extent, been halted by the arrival of the Royal Yacht Britannia which is now an established tourist attraction, albeit one I would not feature in my ‘A’ list of “must sees”.

Other important places to visit in Leith include:

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