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Hadrian's Wall at Birdoswald

Hadrian's Wall at Birdoswald, World Heritage Site

This evening, I am focusing on one of my favourite areas, namely Hadrian’s Wall and the Birdoswald Roman Fort in particular.

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This evening, my theme is Glasgow architecture with particular focus on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the ‘Mackintosh Church’

Mackintosh Church, Glasgow

C.R.Mackintosh Church, Glasgow

 Charles Rennie Mackintosh ( 1868-1928) was possibly the foremost architect and designer originating from Glasgow. He was one of the ‘Glasgow Four’ comprising himself, Herbert Macnair and the sisters Margaret and Frances McDonald. This group worked within the Glasgow School of Art (designed by Mackintosh) around 1890-1910.

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York, in North East England, was established as ‘Eboracum’ around AD71 and from thereon was established as a combined Roman military and civilian base for the succeeding 300 years or so. In fact in AD208 the Emperor Septimus Severus established  his Imperial Court here and ruled the empire from York for a period of three years whilst campaigning in Scotland.

Below are provided a section of images representing tangible remains of the Roman era.

Here is a 8m high Roman column which was found under the nearby Minster tower in 1967-72. This column was originally one of 16 supporting the roof of the Basilica.

Roman Column, York Minster

Roman Column, York Minster, England

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