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Cycle Group at Whitelee Wind Farm, Eaglesham, Scotland.

Cycle Group at Whitelee Wind Farm, Eaglesham, Scotland.

This evening, I am reporting on today’s small group cycle ride around Whitelee Wind Farm, near Eaglesham, south of Glasgow, Scotland.  This is the largest onshore wind farm in the U.K. with a complement of 215 turbines which generate  539 Megawatts, sufficient to power over 300,000 homes.

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Armorial Stone in Montgomery Street, Eaglesham. May have been re-located from Polnoon Castle.

This evening, I am focusing on the remains of Polnoon Castle which extend to is little more than a heap of rubble in a field in Eaglesham, south of Glasgow in West Scotland. In common with many castles, abbeys and similar structures which became redundant in the 16th century and later, Polnoon Castle was used as a local quarry with the worked stones taken away and used in the construction of other buildings in the locality. As evidence of this ‘quarrying’ there is incorporated in the facade of a building (above) in Eaglesham an armorial stone which likely came from the castle.

A summary of the history of Polnoon Castle is as follows:

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Hiking Group, Eaglesham, Scotland

This morning, I participated in a group hike around Eaglesham and environs, south of Glasgow.

Eaglesham is a conservation (heritage) village which is centred on a village green known as ‘The Orry’ through which flows a burn (stream) known as Linn Burn. Summary facts and information on Eaglesham:

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