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Defunct Drydock at Govan

Defunct Drydock at Govan, River Clyde

This evening, I am focusing on Govan which is a very old community opposite the confluence of the Rivers Clyde and Kelvin. The site of Govan Old Church may date back to the 6th century (as a Christian site) and possibly earlier. Judging from evidence of carved medieval stones (on display in the Old Church) Govan may well have been the base of a local royal line or power centre during the 9th-11th centuries before being eclipsed by Glasgow.

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Today, I visited the new Riverside Museum on the banks of the River Clyde. This is a successor to the old Transport Museum and houses a wide collection of exhibits encompassing shipping, steam railway locomotives,vintage and veteran cars, motorcycles, tram cars, horse drawn vehicles, bicycles and ancient dug-out boats. Here is a selction of images:

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This morning, we departed our Lockerbie lodgings and then drove to view the memorial to the fatalities arising from the Lockerbie Air Disaster of 1988. This is located in the Dryfesdale Lodge Cemetery. This is very well kept and maintained as befits the significance of the event.

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