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This evening I am posting an image from a visit this evening to a pub in the West End of Glasgow. The establishment is called ‘The Primary’, evidently a former primary school and now owned by brewery company Bellhaven. Note patriotic flag. A busy pub that serves food. We went on to the theatre nearby. Quite a good evening.

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This evening I am presenting images taken yesterday of my visit to Virginia Place and Virginia Court, Glasgow which offer offer the remaining vestiges of a booming tobacco trade in the late 18th century.

In the 1770s Glasgow controlled over half of all British trade in tobacco, which made up over one third of Scotland’s imports and over half its exports. The trade was immensely profitable which resulted in the traders soon becoming the richest men in the world.

The tobacco trade was inextricably linked with slavery and the slave trade.Glasgow found its niche by directly supplying the American colonies with manufactured goods, linen cloth and iron without which they could not survive. The ships returned to Britain with colonial goods, mainly tobacco from Maryland and Virginia but also sugar and other exotic products of slavery from the Caribbean islands.

The tobacco trade collapsed after the American revolution as the former colonies became free of their obligation to transport goods in British ships and by-passed Glasgow selling directly to European markets.

Wall plaque recording the tobacco industry

Place names evidencing the trading links with Virginia

The following two images are of the Tobacco Merchant’s House at 42 Miller Street.This house was built by John Craig but the first inhabitants were the leading Glasgow merchant family of Robert Findlay who ran a banking business within the house.

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This afternoon I went into Glasgow to do a little shopping. Here are some images of the activity in Buchanan Street, one of the key thoroughfares in the city and largely closed to traffic. The experience proved something like a modern day version of a medieval street scene with throngs of people and all sorts of traders and entertainers-in addition to the regular shops.

Here is a jazz band in full swing.

Here is a trader selling childrens toys.

Eating alfresco, continental (Europe) style.

This is an escapologist about to tie himself up.

Dr Who telephone box. Now a coffee bar.

Street musician

Stress relief-definitely needed here!!

View towards Buchanan Galleries. Standing room only!

View towards Argyle Street. Not a place for solitude!

Rangers Football Club stall. Very popular as there is a big match tomorrow.

Overall, these scenes reflect the popularity of Glasgow as a shopping destination coupled with the vibrancy of the city.

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