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Today, I am focusing on Glen Grant Distillery which is located at Rothes on Speyside.

This distillery was founded by John and James Grant in 1840, became a success and stayed in the Grant family until sale to drinks company, Seagrams in 1978 and ultimately to Italian group Campari under whose ownership it currently resides.

Glen Grant’s key market is Italy where the 5 year old (40pct) is very popular. There is also a 10 year old, also 40pct. The light malt with a hint of peat is very popular in countries with hot climates.

The distillery offers good tours and features in the Malt Whisky Trail. For those with a horticultural interest, there are also beautifully restored Victorian gardens at the distillery.

Due to photography restrictions, range of available images is restricted, for which I apologise.

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The evening, I am posting some information on Aberlour Scotch Whisky Distillery, Speyside. This is a popular distillery with visitors wishing to learn about the whisky process and regularly features in my whisky tours of the area.

Aberlour rhymes with hour. A distillery was first built in the village of Aberlour in 1826, in the shadow of Ben Rinnes on the banks of the Lour Burn (stream). The water for the mashing process is sourced from the well dedicated to St. Drostan (who subsequently became Archbishop of Canterbury) in the distillery grounds.

The lightly peated product is produced via two pairs of stills and matured in ex-Bourbon (from Kentucky) and ex-sherry (Olorosso) casks.

Aberlour is owned by the French drinks group Pernod Ricard and the malt from this distillery plays a leading role in Clan Campbell, the most popular Scotch whisky in France.

Aberlour produces a 10 year old at 40pct and a 12 year old also at 40pct. Smooth and soft with hints of sherry and malt.

In this distillery, photography is restricted, hence paucity of images

This image shows a private bottling at completion of the distillery tour.

This is the Tour Guide in full flow.

Delivery of the raw material. malted barley.

A short video of the freshly distilled spirit

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This evening, I am posting information on the famous Glenfiddich Distillery which supplies the world’s biggest selling single malt Scotch whisky.

This distillery was founded by one William Grant, who came very humble origins in Dufftown and after various jobs including a cobbler and quarry worker he became bookkeeper at the town’s distillery and from then on went to build his own distillery, literally with his own bare hands, a task which was completed in 1887.

Glenfiddich means ‘the valley of the deer’, hence logo at top of this posting. The key to the distillery is the nearby Robbie Dhu spring and burn (small stream), both of which provide essential supplies of clear water for the whisky making process.

Whisky production entails a complicated process of malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation. In Glenfiddich’s case the end result is the classic 12 year old which outsells by a factor of two its nearest rival.

Glenfiddich is still owned and managed by the Grant family.

Excellent tours are provided for visitors.

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