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The arrival of a dead swan infected with bird flu at Cellardyke harbour has had an unexpectedly beneficial effect of the local economy and property prices. In the nine months since the dead bird was found house prices in the picturesque Fife fishing village have risen by 30pct.with the intensive publicity seen as the key driver behind the uplift. Property in neighbouring villages such as Crail, Elie and Anstruther have also benefited.

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Following resolution of technical problems, Glasgow’s Science Centre Tower has reopened. The structure stands at a height of 416 feet (127 metres) above the city and affords a magnificent 360 degree view.

During the winter the Tower is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.00am to 5.00pm.

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On Friday 22nd December 2006 14 soldiers who perished in the siege of Edinburgh Castle 1689 were re-buried. These were part of a complement of 100 men who defended the only fortress in the U.K. to support the Stuart monarchy at the time of the Glorious Revolution 1688-89 when the Catholic King James VII of Scotland (King James II of England) was replaced by the Protestants William and Mary.

The soldiers had been buried in the Coal Yard area of the castle but were discovered about 1986. The remains were removed for safe-keeping and analysis by Historic Scotland.

It is believed that the 14 men died of disease rather than through combat. One of the men may be Private Colin Sutherland.

The re-burial was a simple ceremony conducted by an Army chaplain.

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