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This evening I am presenting an image of the famous Forth Road Bridge, near Queensferry on the Forth of Forth.

This bridge is an iconic piece of Victorian engineering which is over one and a half miles long and 360 feet high.

The bridge was constructed between 1883 and 1890 using 60,000 tons of steel in the process.

Approximately 100 workers lost their lives during construction of the bridge.

The bridge is well worth a visit, especially for those interested in architecture and engineering. Queensferry is a quaint little town.

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This evening, I am presenting some images of a recent visit to St. Columba’s Church, Stewarton. This is a fascinating old church with many grave-makers dating back to the 18th century and beyond. In past years Stewarton was a major textile centre which industry generated considerable local wealth. Farming remains a major industry.

This very ancient stone is not very clear but seems to date to the early 1700s.

John Watt
Uncle of Robert Burns (national poet)

General views of church and graveyard

Overall, Stewarton is somewhat of a “mixed” town in terms of modern day prosperity but perhaps worth a visit on the way to Ayr. I found the churchyard fascinating.

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This evening, I am presenting an image of a very unusual roadside memorial cum shrine to Maggie Wall “burnt here 1657 as a witch”.

This stone monument is located about 1 mile west of the village of Dunning.

It is assumed that Maggie Wall was one of the unfortunate casualties of 17th century witch-hunts. However, despite diligent record keeping at the time , there is no record of any trial, conviction or sentence relating to a Maggie Wall . Moreover, Christian themed memorials to witches are extremely unusual. Clearly, therefore, the monument is something of a conundrum. Another dimension is the fact that the stonework is of 19th century origin ( which may have replaced an earlier one). So, there is something here for the historical detective!

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