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This morning our tour group departed Inverness, capital of the Highlands, in heavy rain. We drove down the A9 with first stop at House of Bruar near Blair Atholl. Bruar is a High End shopping experience. After some light refreshment we moved on south, down the A9 to the attractive and popular market town of Dunkeld which is located in the heart of Scotland.

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This evening, my theme is Dunkeld Cathedral which often features in my tours of central Scotland. This is a little gem sitting on the banks of the River Tay.

Dunkeld Cathedral

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This evening, my theme is the Battle of Dunkeld. This took place on August 21st 1689 and could be viewed as a ‘sequel’ to the close-by Battle of Killiecrankie on July 27th 1689. The catalyst for these battles was the rejection of the Catholic leaning James VII/James II by the British establishment and replacement by the Protestants William and Mary in 1688. However, James still retained a loyal following, particularly in the Highlands, with such supporters known as Jacobites (Latin for James).

The Jacobites prevailed over the Government at Killiecrankie but lost their inspirational commander, Dundee. At Dunkeld the Jacobites were led by Colonel Cannon and the Government forces by Lt-Colonel Cleland. Read more on Battle of Dunkeld 1689…