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This morning, I went off to one of my favourite spots in Scotland, namely the Dunkeld area in Perthshire.

This region suffered from the recant bout of extreme weather with temperatures down to minus 16 centigrade together with heavy snow which still lingers on the hills and sheltered places.

During my travel around the area the temperature was just above freezing with ice still evident on one particular loch (lake).

Images from the trip can be found below together with commentary.

This was taken from the 200 year old Bridge over the River Tay looking towards a snowy Dunkeld with Craig a Barns (hill) in the background.

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This evening, I am focusing on possibly the most charmingly situated ecclesiastical buildings in Scotland. The Cathedral sits on the banks of the River Tay which in turn is within the magnificent scenery of Highland Perthshire.

Historically, Dunkeld was an important Christian centre to the extent that, in 849, King Kenneth McAlpin deposited part of the relics of St. Columba at this site. From this date we have some early carved stones, including the elaborately carved Apostles Stone which can be found in the Chapter House and features in video no 2 below.

The present Cathedral building was built in the late medieval era, viz:

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This afternoon, I visited Dunkeld, a small town which sits in the centre of Scotland. The reason was to witness a march by the Atholl Highlanders, the only legal private army in Britain (and Europe), to commemorate the 200th anniversary of completion of the bridge over the River Tay at Dunkeld. There are a couple of issues of significance here, viz:

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