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Black Spout Waterfall, Pitlochry

Today, I was in central Scotland and took the opportunity to visit the Black Spout Waterfall at Pitlochry.

Weather conditions were ideal being a combination of blue skies, sunshine, negligible wind and temperature a little above freezing. However, much colder and harsher weather is on it’s way.

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Atholl Road, Pitlochry, Scotland.

his evening, I am posting information on the central Scottish town of Pitlochry. This town, in its Highland Perthshire setting, became popular with visitors on the advent of the railway in late Victorian times and  to this day tourism plays a major role in the local economy.

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Heathergems Production and Outlet, Pitlochry.

Historically, heather was utilised for such purposes as thatch (roofs), floor covering and brooms. Its main economic function today is on the high elevation moors where the game bird, Grouse lives in and on the heather plants.Game bird shooting is a big industry in Scotland, and other parts of the U.K. where moorland is common.

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