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This evening, my theme is the small Glenturret Distillery in Perthshire. Here is produced a single which is a constituent of the Famous Grouse blend. In fact this distillery is marketed as the Famous Grouse Experience with associated marketing hype. Unfortunately, photography is restricted and hence paucity of images of the interior distilling process.

Entrance to Glenturret

Glenturret is possibly the oldest distillery in Scotland dating back to 1775 when it began as Hosh distillery. After many changes of ownership since start up, the distillery it was shut down in 1923 and thereafter reverted to the farming enterprise from it originally evolved. In the 1950s the distillery was reactivated by one James Fairlie and now forms part of the Highland Distillers Group. Sister brands include Highland Park, Cutty Sark and Macallan.The Famous Grouse is reported to be the best selling whisky in Scotland for the past 30 years. Read more on Famous Grouse Whisky Tour…

This evening, my theme is the Picts who were the indigenous people of Scotland prior to arrival of the Scots from Ireland around the 5th century AD.

Pictish stone at Meigle

We learn of the Picts from the Romans who called the people Pictii or ‘Painted Men’. Our knowledge base of the Pictsis woefully low with much left to speculation. This is because (a) the Picts seem to have left no record of a written language and (b) they were never assimilated within the Roman Empire thus only tit bits of information from Roman sources are available. The Picts were ultimately subsumed, around the 9th century,within a united country of what is now Scotland ruled by the Gaelic speaking Scots.

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This evening, I am focusing on Drummond Castle which is located near Muthill in Perthshire, central Scotland. This site attracts visitors as a function of the elaborate and well maintained Italianate parterre gardens. Unfortunately the castle ( Tower House) is not open to the public, which is very unfortunate. The original castle was built in 1491 and then rebuilt in 1653 after a siege by Cromwell’s troops. The building appears to be maintained in very good condition and affords a good understanding of an original, 15thcentury high status tower house constructed with defence in mind.

Drummond Castle

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