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This evening, my theme is the Picts. These people were indigenous to Scotland and dominated the country before arrival of the Scots from Ireland around the 5th century AD.

The Picts have left a legacy of elaborate stone carvings and place names but other than these records we little about these people with whom the Romans came in contact in the 3rd century AD and named them Pictii or painted men (from which we get the modern word ‘picture’. Place names today beginning Pet or Pit usually signifies an early Pictish settlement, e.g. Pittenweem, Pitlochry, Pitcairn, Pitmedden and Pitnacree. If the Picts had  a written language then, sadly, they left no record of it. The Picts may well have understood and used Latin.

Stone carvings are the most tangible record left by the Picts. These are of some size with carvings represting Every day items such as anvils, cauldrons, hammers, mirrors and combs with another category comprising abstract symbols utilising arches, crescents,discs, flowers, knots, rectangles and circles.

Below can be found a selection of Pictish carved stones from the museum at Meigle which is dedicated to these items.

Pictish stone at Meigle

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This morning, we departed our very comfortable lodgings at Ballifeary Guest House in Inverness in the Highlands and proceeded to drive south down the A9  to our first stop at Blair Castle in Perthshire.

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This morning our tour group departed our Dunkeld lodgings promptly at about 9.00 and then proceeded as follows:
  • Just a few miles to the Falls of Braan at Ossian’s Hall. This dates back to the 18th century when it part of the Duke of Atholl’s estate and provided a mature based experience for private guests commencing with a gentle walk along the banks of the River Braan and ending in front of a spectacular waterfall.

Falls of Braan

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