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This evening, I am focusing on the very historic Christian site at Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond, about 45  mins from Glasgow. The present church building dates from 1875 but this is just the latest of a series of churches on the same site commencing with the visit of St Kessog in AD510. The antiquity of the site is evidenced in the Viking era (9thC AD) ‘hogback’ grave-marker in the image immediately below.

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 This evening, my theme is Scottish lochs of which there are some 32,000 of the freshwater variety plus may other sea lochs (fjords). Loch is invariably incorrectly pronounced ‘lock. The name is of Gaelic origin and means lake or body of water.

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This evening, I have chosen for my theme the topic of my favourite Scottish lochs (lakes). Scotland has many thousand lochs of which perhaps only a tiny minority regularly feature on the ‘tourist trail’ including such famous waterways as Loch Ness and Loch Lomond. My personal favourites, based on real world touring experiences, are listed below with appropriate images.
Scottish lochs offer a wide range of options for the visitor including fishing, boating, photography, bird watching, sailing and various water sports all or any of which can be incorporated in my various personalized tours of Scotland.

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