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This morning, I collected my group of five guests from the Crown Princess Cruise Ship at Greenock at about 0830am and then proceeded as follows:
  • Drove through the old industrial port areas of Greenock and Port Glasgow, past Port Glasgow Timber Ponds along the River Clyde and acroos the Erskine Bridge to our first stop at Luss, a very quaint and colourful village on the banks of Loch Lomond. Just before the village we stopped to admire some extremely colourful gardens at private houses.

Colourful Garden at Luss

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Today, there is heavy rain in Glasgow which is preventing me from venturing out to obtain some topical images.

I am taking this opportunity to post a video clip of a (very) recent visit to Luss at Loch Lomond where I filmed this ancient, Viking era, ‘hogback’ grave marker in the burial ground of Mackessog’s Church. Close by are a couple of similar (but less grand) hogbacks and the film clip ends with a shot of a tall single stone which has echoes of a stone circle but is probably nothing to do with that, prehistoric, era.

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Earlier today, I visited the ‘Yon bonnie banks, and yon bonnie braes’ of Loch Lomond. This loch (lake) is 27 miles long and 5 miles across at widest point. It covers more than 27 square miles and contains over 90,000 million cubic feet of water, two thirds of which lies below sea level.Maximum depth is 620 feet. Quite a body of water!!

The loch is home to a wide variety of fish and waterfowl. There at least 30 wooded islands one of which boasts a resident population of wallabies.

There are opportunities for walking, golf, cycling and boating. When the weather is right a good spot for an enjoyable day out-or a longer vacation.

Video clip below was taken from the pier at Luss and includes Ben Lomond, one of Scotland’s highest mountains.

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