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This evening, my theme is Dunblane Cathedral which is located in central Scotland, not far from Stirling.

The name Dunblane is, perhaps, forever embedded in the British/Scottish consciousness as a consequence of school massacre which occurred here in March 1996 when 16 children plus 1 adult were killed in a murder-suicide, an event which triggered a further tightening of Britain’s gun ownership laws.

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 This evening, my theme is Scottish lochs of which there are some 32,000 of the freshwater variety plus may other sea lochs (fjords). Loch is invariably incorrectly pronounced ‘lock. The name is of Gaelic origin and means lake or body of water.

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Earl this morning I drove up fro Glasgow to Dunkeld in Perthshire, central Scotland. This is one of my favourite spots. At this time of the year the trees are magnificent as the leaves change from shades of green to a whole range of browns, golds, russets and other variations. Unfortunately, the weather today was appalling with heavy rain in both morning and evening. However, I did manage to secure a few decent shots of the trees and scenery in transition to winter. These were taken near a small village called Dalguise which is known for its generous endowment of trees of all shapes, sizes and types.

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