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This morning, I collected guests from Caledonian Hilton, Edinburgh and then proceeded as follows:

First to Dunfermline Abbey Church whose foundation dates from 1072. This is an interesting site comprising (a) the ruined Abbey (b) ruined former Royal Palace (c) the Abbey Church which is an active place of worship (Presbyterian) and location of burial of Scotland’s King Robert The Bruce (14th C). Effectively, this site was the capital of Scotland until 1603 when King James VI of Scotland moved to London to become King of England as well. We viewed all the principal aspects and availed of the scenic views towards the Firth of Forth.

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Titan Crane, Clydebank

Titan Crane, Clydebank, Glasgow

This morning, I visited the Titan Crane in Glasgow’s Clydebank.

This magnificent structure dates from 1907 and was once part of the famous John Brown shipbuilding works on the River Clyde. Ater a long and illustrious history dating back to the mid 19th century, shipbuilding went into prolonged decline and the yards were finally demolished in 2002. However, the Titan Crane was categorised as Catgeory ‘A’ listed structure (highest possible) and has been transformed into a tourist attraction in context of an initiate to regenerate the Clydebank area. A lift takes visitors to the top of the crane where there is  information and a film on the proud shipbuilding tradition of the Clyde, not to mention the stunning views of Glasgow to the east and Erskine Bride to the west. Visibility today was about average.

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This morning, we departed our lodgings at Inveraray’s George Hotel and then walked to nearby Inveraray Castle, seat of the Duke of the Argyll and Chief of Clan Campbell.

George Hotel, Inveraray

George Hotel, Inveraray, Scotland

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