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Earlier today, I visited the ‘Yon bonnie banks, and yon bonnie braes’ of Loch Lomond. This loch (lake) is 27 miles long and 5 miles across at widest point. It covers more than 27 square miles and contains over 90,000 million cubic feet of water, two thirds of which lies below sea level.Maximum depth is 620 feet. Quite a body of water!!

The loch is home to a wide variety of fish and waterfowl. There at least 30 wooded islands one of which boasts a resident population of wallabies.

There are opportunities for walking, golf, cycling and boating. When the weather is right a good spot for an enjoyable day out-or a longer vacation.

Video clip below was taken from the pier at Luss and includes Ben Lomond, one of Scotland’s highest mountains.

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This evening, I am presenting some images taken just a few hours ago of Ben Lomond and the southern tip of Loch Lomond.

Ben Lomond rises to a height of 3195 feet and is known as the Beacon Hill. It is the most southerly of all the Munros ( peaks in excess of 3000 feet) and represents the very edge of the old geological fault known as the Highland Boundary.

The summit, which is easily accessed by the able bodied, comprises a fairly short, level ridge, curving gently round the head of the north-east corrie.

The above images were taken from Loch Lomond Gold Club.

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This evening I am posting some images from a recent visit to Castle Urquhart on Loch Ness.

Loch Ness ( or Loch Nis in Gaelic) contains the largest body of fresh water in the U.K.. The loch extends for some 23 miles (37km) in length and a maximum depth of 754 feet (230m).

The loch is best viewed from Castle Urquhart which itself has fascinating history and is superbly positioned on a promontory extending into the middle of the loch.

Advantage has been taken of the loch and associated waterways to build a waterway linking Fort William in the south with Inverness in the north. This is known as the Caledonian Canal.

One of the key attractions to the area is the legendary Loch Ness Monster sighting of which have fallen in recent years. However, the Loch and associated scenery of the Great Glen are worthy of a visit in their own right.

Apart from viewing the Loch from its shores, it is possible to avail of regular boat cruises.

Here is an image taken from Castle Urquhart showing a boat cruise in process.

View through the tower of Castle Urquhart

The castle and loch looking south

Castle Urquhart
View north.

On a sunny day the views can be spectacular, but don’t rely on glimpsing the monster!

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