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Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde

Squiggly Bridge, River Clyde, Glasgow

This evening, I am presenting a portfolio of images to illustrate the dynamic and impressive waterfront on the River Clyde in central Glasgow with its impressive range of architecture and engineering. This former shipbuilding and industrial area has been transformed in recent years and is now an important visitor attraction in its own right. In addition to architects and engineers who wish to study the various structures the locale  is visually appealing and makes  a good study topic for photographers, both day and night.

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Tron Steeple, Glasgow

Tron Steeple, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a selection of images which demonstrate the variety of  public art, historical sites and sights of interest which can be seen on a walking tour of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. 

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Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow
Squiggly Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland


This evening, I went out on my bike (in the rain) with the aim of photographing certain elements of Glasgow’s public art which are illuminated and therefore best seen at night. This venture was partly successful because one of the illuminations seems to have been taken down. However, I did eventually locate an intriguing triptych on a wall up an obscure and partly blocked off side street, Tontine Lane, where footfall would be somewhere around zero.

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