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This morning, I collected guests from Glasgow hotel and then proceeded to:

Dumbarton Castle. This has long history dating back at least 1500 years when was the central power base for the Kingdom of Strathclyde. In more recent times (19th C) was reinforced to defend against a perceived invasion threat from France. Excellent views of the Clyde, and Greenock in the distance.

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River Clyde at Greenock

River Clyde at Greenock, Glasgow

This evening, I am focusing on the River Clyde, west of Scotland. This river rises in the Lowther Hills in South Lanarkshire and runs for 106 miles, passing the city of Glasgow and into the sea past Greenock.

This river was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, particularly shipbuilding, During the 19th and 20th centuries some 35,000 vessels were built on and around the river in the Glasgow area. Although civilian ship building is almost finished military shipbuilding continues to prosper with orders for aircraft carriers in process.

Today, the Clyde is quite clean and perhaps best known for leisure and sporting activities.

Image at top of this post was taken from site of a Roman fortlet dating from the 2nd Century AD.

Here is the Clyde in central Glasgow showing the Finnieston Crane, a memory of shipbuilding in the area. Read more on River Clyde, Scotland…

Kelburn Castle, Largs

Kelburn Castle, Largs, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on Kelburn Castle which is located near Largs on the west of Scotland. This castle isvery old, with origins dating back to the 13th century. It is home to the Boyle/ Earl of Glasgow family who have occupied the castle and lands since the 12th century. Over the centuries Kelburn Castle has been embellished and extended, particularly in the 16th century and then again in 1700 with influence of French Chateau architecture.

The superb eleveated location affords views over the Firth (estuary) of Forth and islands such as Cumbrae. The grounds include well maintained gardens with waterfalls and gorges. The site is a visitor attraction affording visitors access to the grounds and gardens together with activities such as pony riding.

Of course, the major impact on new visitors is the vibrant graffiti style decoration one side of the castle. To me this falls somewhere between bizarre, eclectic and downright tacky. The design dates from 2007 and is the work of a Brazilian graffiti artist in collaboration with Scots artists. Knowing the normally stringent stance of heritage body, Historic Scotland I am utterly amazed how permission was ever granted for the art work which seems to be unprecedented in the historic buildings sector. On the plus side the work could be described as ‘original’ and ‘different’ .  Apparently when the castle walls are next due for harling ( a weather protective coating) the art work will be covered up. Read more on Visit Kelburn Castle, Visit Scotland…