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Birnam Hotel, Birnam

Birnam Hotel, Birnam, Scotland

Today, I ventured into central Scotland with trip aided by unusual sunny weather and blue sky.

Here there are two towns with an almost seamless join, namely Birnam and Dunkeld. Both of these towns are popular with visitors to Scotland. Birnam is, perhaps, most famous for its Macbeth connection with Birnam Wood and Birnam Oak. The latter can viewed on bank of the River Tay although unlikely to be a relic from Shakespeare’s time.

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Tour Group at Glencoe

Tour Group at Glencoe, Scotland

This morning our tour group were colelcted at Edinburgh and Glasgow following which we drove north to Dunkeld in central Scotland. Here we availed of a short, 30 minute break for refreshments and photos at this pretty village  on the banks of the river Tay.

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Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on a unique aspect of British geology as manifested in the landslides of Trotternish, northern Skye, Scotland of which the Quiraing  is the best example.This jumble of hills and rocks was created when the underlying sedimentary rocks  (Jurassic era) gave way under the great weight of later  basalt lavas (Tertiary era) which resulted in landslides which in turn created labrynths and pinnacles. Apart from the Quiraing, names associated with this geology include Table, Needle, Prison, Dun Dubh and the Old Man of Storr.

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