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This evening, I was presented with an unusual photo opportunity in form of a new born fox cub exploring our garden. Like his/her parents the cub was slightly nervous of humans notwithstanding which I did manage to obtain some reasonable shots and a  short video clip. The youngster is about the size of an adult cat. We will watch his/her development with interest.

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This evening, I am embellishing my flowers theme by including cactus flowers from nearby Queen’s Park Botanic Garden, Glasgow. These first two images were taken this afternoon and provide an interesting colour dimension to Spring.

The following two images are from a vast collection of daffodils at Greenbank Garden, a National Trust property south of Glasgow.

This is Narcissus Ellen
Narcissus Southern Bell

Elsewhere today:

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This afternoon I went round to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s House for Art Lover, Glasgow, principally to view the garden which is usually kept in very good shape. As the images below show, I was not to be disappointed. Top image shows a notice above the entrance which reads:

The kiss of the Sun for pardon
The songs of the bird for mirth
You are nearer God’s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on the earth.

Image immediately above is a side elevation of the House itself with some seasonal garden colour.

Image below shows the central garden walkway with colourful plants and topiary.

The following two images are of colourful polyanthus.

Here is a colourful flower bed which gave off a wonderful scented aroma.

I took a fancy to this interesting shrub which could be a Tulip Tree.

Finally, I am tracking back to my recent visit to Greenbank Garden and it vast collection of daffodil varieties.

This is Narcissus Malvern City.

An interesting corner at Greenbank.

Narcissus February Silver

Narcissus Flower Carpet

Weather today was dry but a few degrees colder than yesterday.

Elsewhere today:

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