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This evening, my tour theme is Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, an important visitor attraction which I usually include in my tours of Ireland.  location is the north coast of Ireland . Key facts:

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Recent news bulletins have been full of the on-going economic crisis in the Republic of Ireland. This has prompted me to review tour images. Putting aside the economic mess, Ireland remains an attractive place to tour. When the rain abates there is wonderful, undulating scenery, Gaelic culture, castles, history, heritage and much more. Unfortunately,the Republic is locked into the Euro so the exchange rate remains fairly firm and not particularly cheap for visitors.

This is a shot from the geological wonder known as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Giant's Shoe AT Giant's Causeway

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This evening, being well into the cold and grey early winter, I have decided to focus on some Scottish colour and vibrancy as manifested in some of the private gardens I encounter in my tours around Scotland.

In particular, there is a heritage village called Luss (the name is Gaelic for ‘herb’) on the banks of Loch Lomond where the residents seem to compete to produce the most attractive gardens. The folks who live there are mainly seniors so maybe they have the requisite  time to produce the magnificent displays as shown below. The Luss displays whilst certainly not alone in Scotland are, perhaps, the impressive in such a concentrated area.

Luss attracts tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of visitors each year because it is conveniently situated on a main tourist route just north of Glasgow and offers opportunities to visit Loch Lomond, the heritage village itself plus a historic church which was an early centre of Christianity in Scotland founded by St. Kessog in the 6th century.There is also a 9th century Viking burial in the churchyard. Good all round photo opportunities when the weather is right!

This first image is actually from Eaglesham, south of Glasgow which caught my eye during a recent visit to the village.


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