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Narcissus at Greenbank

This morning, I visited Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow to photograph emerging signs of Spring.

Weather was just above freezing which resulted in thin layers of ice on water and a crisp feel underfoot.

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Early summer flower at Greenbank Garden, Glasgow

Weather of late here in Glasgow has been cool and wet. However, these conditions can be beneficial to extent flowers and gardens can be highlighted and contrasted for photography purposes. Mindful of the visibility conditions I set off this morning for Greenbank Gardens which are attached to a heritage property owned by Scotland’s National Trust located in Clarkston, Glasgow Southside (Scotland).

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This afternoon, I visited Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow on mission to find emerging signs of Spring as manifested in flowers and blooms.

To an extent, I was successful and located a wide variety of flowers covering a colour spectrum including blue, purple, yellow, pink and white which were the product of :

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