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Deer on Rannoch Moor

Deer on Rannoch Moor in Winter

This evening, I am focusing on the somewhat bleak and rugged Rannoch Moor which lies south of the Great Glen fault below Glencoe. Key features:

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Doune Castle, Trossachs

Doune Castle, Trossachs, Scotland

¬†This evening I have complied a composite of the first two days of a recent photography tour of Scotland during winter. At end of day 1 the town where we stayed had no electricity and hence I was unable to collate and post images which in turn placed my blogging sequence in arrears. Tonight’s exercise is a ‘catch up’.

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Scottish Highlands in Winter

Scottish Highlands in Winter Snow

This evening, I am in Kenmore, central Scotland at end of day 2 of a winter photographic tour of the Highlands.

Last night we were in Mallaig which was subject to an electricty blackout due to the recent hurricane. No electricity=no blog post and hence this is my first post for two days which covers a selection various Highlands scenes including Skye and Rannoch Moor.

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