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Black Sheep nr Glasgow

Black Sheep nr Glasgow, Scotland

Today, I was prompted by the unusually warm and sunny weather to get out on my bike and undertake a circular 30 mile/50 km ride to Stewarton in Ayrshire. On the way I was able to avail of a wide range of photo opps from nature to castles to churches, and even a link with poet, Robert Burns. To commence, image above shows a few animals from an unusual  flock of black sheep located near the south of Glasgow. Read more on Visit Stewarton, Visit Scotland…

Highland Cow, Scotland

Photogenic Highland Cow, Scotland

This evening I have decided to present a small portfolio of Highland Cattle images.

These animals traditionally inhabited the Scottish Highlands where they were admirably suited to the tough weather and poor grazing. However, as a beef animal, the breed has largely been replaced by faster maturing alternatives. The Highland breed is still popular in Scotland and around the world. On my tours I encounter  animals on a solo basis or in small herds close to major tourist attractions, e.g. castles and distilleries where their docile and photogenic natures make them popular with visitors. Read more on Highland Cows…

This morning, I am continuing my Scottish castles theme with information on five further castles which I have visited in context of my Scotland Tours, viz:

Glamis Castle: This is located on the east of Scotland and is certainly accessible within the day from Edinburgh. Glamis, which  pronounced ‘Glarms’, has long association with the British Royal Family, in particular the late Queen Mother. This castle evolved out of hunting lodge around the 13th century. It is now something of a fairy tale castle located in pleasant grounds and benefits from an interesting garden. A very popular tourist destination. There is usually a herd of Highland Cows nearby which are popular with photographers.

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