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This evening, I was presented with an unusual photo opportunity in form of a new born fox cub exploring our garden. Like his/her parents the cub was slightly nervous of humans notwithstanding which I did manage to obtain some reasonable shots and a  short video clip. The youngster is about the size of an adult cat. We will watch his/her development with interest.

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This morning I went off to Pollock Park, Glasgow to view and photograph a rare calf known as a silver dunn. The animal about 1 month old now. He is part of a family of Highland Cows called ‘Chorrach’. The calf is unusual because of its silver colour. His mother is yellow and father pure red. The following two images show the calf, which seemed a little nervous notwithstanding which I managed to obtain the images.

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This morning was cold but dry and somewhat overcast. I had in mind to get out into the country and photograph young lambs which are usually in abundance at this time of year. However, the conditions out of the city proved something of a surprise. It was evident I was suddenly in a different micro-climate with the fields still covered in a thick layer of snow and the sheep reliant on hay and other feeds to keep them going. This winter must have proved a big drain on the farmers’ cash flow.

Winter sheep

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