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Urban Foxes, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a recent image of a family of foxes. There are a couple of issues here:

Firstly in addition to the three adults above there exists a litter of four cubs which are about as big as a fully grown cat and quite cute.

Secondly, note that the fox on the left has a stubby tail. We don’t quite understand why but the rest of the tail fell off about 9 months ago.

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This evening, I am posting a couple of images of black sheep which were taken locally, near Glasgow. For some reason the local farmer focuses on this niche breed. There is another small flock in an adjacent field but the animals were too far away for a descent image. Intriguingly, I saw a black sheep with a white lamb! Note presence of white sheep in above image. (I am considering getting a camera with a long lens in order to get some interesting distance shots as I tour and travel around.)

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This evening, I was presented with an unusual photo opportunity in form of a new born fox cub exploring our garden. Like his/her parents the cub was slightly nervous of humans notwithstanding which I did manage to obtain some reasonable shots and a  short video clip. The youngster is about the size of an adult cat. We will watch his/her development with interest.

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