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This evening, I am presenting an image of Hamish, a Highland cow (actually a bull!) who is probably one of the most photographed animals in Scotland. He resides in his own pen at a tourist attraction near Callander in Perthshire.

He is about 15 years old and appears very friendly and placid. His present ‘pampered’ lifestye means he will probably live until age about 40 years.

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This evening, I am posting some images of a captive Golden Eagle taken at a tourist attraction in Callander, near Stirling. These images were taken about lunchtime today.

This is a very impressive, 3 year old bird and apparently worth a considerable sum.

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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds claims that at least two red kites are poisoned or shot every month in Scotland with blame attributed to landowners and gamekeepers. Other wildlife at risk include Golden Eagles, Pine Martens and Scottish Wild Cats.

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