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Burns Celebration Procession, Alloway

Burns Celebration Procession, Alloway, Scotland

This afternoon, I attended a National Trust of Scotland (heritage organisation) Public Celebration Day of the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum at Alloway, about 1 hour from Glasgow. Robert Burns (1759-1796) was born at Alloway and during his short life rose to prominence as a talented poet and subsequently become enshrined as Scotland’s national poet. Alloway has become a place of pilgrimage for Burns ‘fans’ with the key attractions comprising the birthplace cottage (now a museum) and a  modern museum nearby housing an important collection of Burns works.

Being mid-winter, the weather was cold and foggy, but fortunately dry.

Basically, the celebrations entailed a youth choir dressed in 18th century attire which gave renditions of two of Burns’ songs and in between led a procession the short distance between Burns Cottage (birthplace) and the new museum. Various dignitaries were also in attendance. Read more on Robert Burns Celebration Day at Alloway…

This evening, I am posting images and comment consequent upon my participation in a group walking tour of Eaglesham.

Walk through Eaglesham

Eaglesham is an English style village located south of Glasgow, Scotland. It is very clean, prosperous and pretty and has been designated a formal conservation area. At one time the village, like many others, boasted a textile mill but other than that was not affected by the industrial revolution and does even have a railway station, leaving it somewhat isolated.

The name Eaglesham has nothing to do with eagles, it is derived from the Low Latin word for church, ecclesia with ham  being an Anglo-Saxon meaning a small settlement.

Eaglesham is, unusually for Scotland, a planned village. Historically it was controlled by the Montgomerys who were based at nearby Polnoon Castle (now a ruin)  and whose name still features in various Eaglesham street names.

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This afternoon, I had a rare opportunity to visit a collection of statues located in the conservation village of Eaglesham, south of Glasgow. This unusual collection is only available for viewing by special arrangement.

The sculptor, William Gemmell was a somewhat shy and modest man who spent his entire life  (1814-1891) in Eaglesham. He was a joiner (carpenter) by trade and took up sculpting as a hobby. During the period 1842-1845 he created a group of 15 life-size statuary representing the family circle described in Robert Burns’ poem”The Cottar’s Saturday Night.” However, the whereabouts of this group is not known. The only known surviving statues are located in the Eaglesham collection and comprise:

Street Urchin

Street Urchin By Gemmell

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