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This evening I am presenting some images of the clay and timbered two-roomed thatched cottage where Burns was born on 25 January 1759. Close by is the Brig o’Doon ( where Tam o’Shanter’s mare, maggie made her mythical jump) and Alloway Kirk where the witches danced to the Devil’s bagpipe.

Burns had a relatively short life (1759-96) and he is best remembered for writing Auld Lang Syne. He is Scotland’s most famous poet whose works have been translated into dozens of languages.

Avail of a Burns themed tour in Ayrshire. This is within easy distance of Glasgow. Contact Catswhiskerstours for more information.

Front of cottage

Tableaux inside the cottage
Rear of cottage

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A new book entitled Dr. Livingstone, I Presume by Clare Pettit suggests that the famous Dr. Livingstone may have converted only one African to Christianity and that he lapsed after only three months. Just by way of a recap, Livingstone:-

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