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Today, I visited George Square, the civic centre of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

The Square was first laid out in 1781 and evolved in tandem with Glasgow’s growth and prosperity. Today,the Square is a venue for a wide range of public gatherings and events which include  meetings, demonstrations,concerts and ceremonies. Surrounding the Square are important buildings which include Queen Street Station, City Chambers  (Town Hall), and the Cenotaph.

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 This evening, I am posting information on Inchmahome Priory, a ruin situated on an island in the middle of the Lake of Menteith, near to Aberfoyle in central Scotland. Access is by small boat, as shown in the video clip below. Salient features of the Prior’s history include:

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This evening, I am providing summary information on Robert Tannahill (1774-1810), a poet from  Paisley in the West of Scotland.

Interestingly, Tannahill was a contemporary of Scotland’s National Poet, Robert Burns ( 1759-1796) and both died at similar age, Burns age 37 yrs and Tannahill age 36 yrs. There was a further link in that Tannahill was the first secretary of the Paisley Burns Club which was founded in 1805 and ranks as the world’s oldest.

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