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This evening, my theme is Lawn bowls   which has a very ancient pedigree, possibly dating back to ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. The game is played outdoors and requires participants to roll balls (5 inches or 13cm in diameter) called bowls or woods over a flat lawn. Object is to get as many balls as possible nearest a target, which is a smaller ball called the jack.

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This evening, my theme is Highland Dancing.

Highland Dancing


Highland dancing dates back about 800 years with origins in folk dancing. As will be seen from this video, this activity requires a high level of athletic fitness and stamina. There are links to classical ballet. Ladies participation dates from around the turn of the 20th century. Read more on Highland Dancing, Scotland…

Pipe Band at World Championships

Earlier today I visited historic Glasgow Green to view the 2010 World Pipe Band Championships entailing 239 bands from twelve countries.  In addition to the bands there was Highland Dancing competition and Highland Games in process. With benign weather conditions the event was very well patronised. I have never before encountered such a concentration of Pipe Bands and the event presented many video and photo opportunities examples of which are provided below.

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