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This evening, my theme is traditional weaving of Scottish Tartan. This is undertaken by powered hand loom and can still be found in isolated parts of Scotland. The images show weaving in process at Lochcarron Weavers, Lochcarron on the west of Scotland. I have also seen similar weaving in process on the Isle of Skye and Isle of Lewis. There are now some 5,000 approved tartans in Scotland.

Lochcarron weaver

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Loch Carron

This evening, I am posting information on Loch Carron in the western Scottish Highlands.I ivisited this area recently after a lapse of a couple of years. In the intervening period not much has changed.

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This morning, our tour group elected for a free morning in Edinburgh in order to undertake shopping and private exploring. We met again at 1.15pm and proceeded as follows:
  • To Rosslyn Chapel about 20 mins from the City. This dates from the 15th century and has become famous, principally due to mention in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code but also because of the high quality medieval stone carvings which cover the interior of the Chapel which is still a living church (Episcopalian). We arrived at the Chapel in time for a talk by an expert local guide, albeitĀ one with a thick local accent which presented a challenge to the non-Scots ear.

Rosslyn Chapel

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