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This evening my theme is Scotland’s Tower Houses including a selection of illustrative images.

Tower Houses date from the 14t to 15th centuries and evolved out of earlier timber structures. Although built to give an impression of defence, the actual driver was status, to impress and demonstrate wealth as, by this time, Scotland was generally a peaceable country. The actual tower was invariably not adequate in size to accommodate the household retinue and hence was generally supplemented by other buildings and accommodations which often included a large hall for entertainment purposes.

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This morning, I am continuing my Scottish castles theme with information on five further castles which I have visited in context of my Scotland Tours, viz:

Glamis Castle: This is located on the east of Scotland and is certainly accessible within the day from Edinburgh. Glamis, which  pronounced ‘Glarms’, has long association with the British Royal Family, in particular the late Queen Mother. This castle evolved out of hunting lodge around the 13th century. It is now something of a fairy tale castle located in pleasant grounds and benefits from an interesting garden. A very popular tourist destination. There is usually a herd of Highland Cows nearby which are popular with photographers.

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Today, my theme is castles of Scotland of which there are at least 600, mainly ruins, ranging from just a few remnants, e.g.Polnoon, to complete specimens such as Stirling.

In the course of my tours of Scotland I invariably include a few castles, more by request, especially when guests have clan or family history which connects them to such structures.

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