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Corgaff Castle

This evening, my theme is Corgaff Castle which sits isolated on the hills at Strathdon on the northern edge of the Cairngorm Mountains. This castle has an illustrious history:

  • Tower built in 16th century.
  • In November 1571 besieged by Adam Gordon of Auchindoon. Castle was burned together with defender, Margaret Forbes and twenty seven occupants.
  • Used as a mustering point by the royalist Marquis of Montrose in 1645.
  • Torched by the Jacobites in 1689.
  • Mustering point in 1715 for clansmen supporters of the Earl of Mar.
  • Torched by Hanoverians in 1715.
  • Used as an ammunition store 1745-6 by Jacobite army but seized by 400 redcoats.
  • Post Culloden (1746) the castle was used as a garrison for 50 Hanoverian soldiers.
  • In 1820s and 1830s used by Government forces as a base to clamp down on illegal whisky distilling.

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This evening, my theme is picturesque (if not Disneyesque) small Scottish town of Culross located on the coast of the Firth of Forth near Dunfermline.

Culross House

This was originally, an important religious site in the 6th century, associated with the birth of Glasgow’s patron saint, St. Mungo.

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This morning, we departed our very comfortable lodgings at Ballifeary Guest House in Inverness in the Highlands and proceeded to drive south down the A9  to our first stop at Blair Castle in Perthshire.

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