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Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle, England


Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle, England

This evening, my focus is on Carlisle Castle  in N.W. England which is prominently positioned overlooking the flood plain of the river Eden. This castle is some 900 years old and is built of red sandstone on the site of first century AD Roman fort. It has featured in border wars against the Scots, served as a base for patrolling a unruly border in Tudor times and was subject or re-fortification in the early 19th century in context of controlling political unrest of the times.

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Mercat Cross, Ormiston

Mercat Cross, Ormiston, Scotland

Today, I visited the fascinating, historical village of Ormiston, East Lothian which is located about 30 min drive south of Edinburgh. This is just one of five similarly named villages in Scotland all of which derive from the Old Norse personal name Ormr,a name which is associated with ‘worm’ ( in context of serpent) as found in Wormiston and Wormit on Tay. There are two Ormistons in in Roxburghshire, two in Lothian and an Ormistoun near Peebles.

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Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall, England

This afternoon, we connected with one of the best preserved, and remote, sections, of Hadrian’s Wall. This entailed a circular walk starting at Steel Rigg and then heading east tpowards Housesteads Roman Fort.

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