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Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel

Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the historic site of Glenfinnan, near Fort William on the West of Scotland. I inavariably stop at this site in course of my small group tours, usually on the way from Mallaig to Fort William (or vice versa). This site is popular for two key reasons, viz:

Read more on Visit Glenfinnan, Visit Scotland…

Whisky Stills at Glengoyne

Whisky Stills at Glengoyne, Scotland

 This evening, my focus is Glengoyne Distillery which regularly features in both my general tours and specialised whisky tours. This distillery has a history of legal distilling dating back to 1833. Location is in some very pleasant and picturesque countryside near Strathblane, about one hour’s drive from Glasgow. The A81 road which runs in front of the distillery is actually the dividing line between Highland Region and Lowland Region . Unusually, the spirit at Glangoyne is distilled in the Highland Region but matured across the road in the Lowland Region. However, the product remains classified as Highland variety.

Product is a light and non-peated whisky as manifested in the following single malts:

  • 10 year old, 40pct
  • 12 year old, 43pct
  • 17 year old, 43pct
  • 21 year old, 43pct

Here is a tour group being shown around the distillery. Unfortunately, photography is restricted at Glengoyne and hence limited portfolio of images. Read more on Visit Glengoyne Distillery, Visit Scotland…

Whisky Stills at Auchentoshan

Whisky Stills at Auchentoshan Distillery

This evening, my theme is Auchentoshan Distillery which is located near Clydebank on the outskirts of Glasgow. This is the only distillery operating within the Glasgow conurbation.

Distilling at Auchentoshan dates back to at least 1800 but this was illicit activity. The distillery owners purchased a licence in 1823 from whereon the distillery was legal. Over its life, the distillery has undergone many changes of ownership which now rests with Suntory of Japan, which also owns Bowmore on Islay.

As a ‘Lowland’ category distillery, Auchentoshan is triple distilled compared with the double distillation carried on in other whisky regions of Scotland. Here is a video clip of the stills. The triple distillation process is similar to that used for producing Irish Whiskey. The presence of an intermediate still results in a more refined spirit albeit at expense of lower yield. However, strength is high, at around 80pct alcohol by volume. Read more on Visit Auchentoshan Distillery, Scotland…