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Today, with warm temperatures and bright sunshine we continued our Castles Tour. We headed north from Glenshee then east to visit a selection of castles in the North East of Scotland.

First stop was the mightly ruin of Dunnottar.  Located on a natural defensive position close to the sea with a military history going back to the 7th century and possibly earlier.  Dunnottar has been at the forefront of Scotland’s wars and battles. Most of the present castle dates from English occupation in the 1330s but it was also an English fleet under Cromwell (1651-52) which caused terminal decline as a function of heavy bombardment. Now a romantic ruin on a superb clifftop  setting next to the North Sea. Here are a couple of video clips of the castle: Video 1  and Video 2

Dunottar Castle, Scotland

Dunottar Castle, N.E.Scotland

Dunottar Castle nr Stonehaven

Dunottar Castle nr Stonehaven, Scotland

Dunottar Castle nr Stonehaven

Dunottar Castle nr Stonehaven, Scotland

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Huntingtower Castle

Huntingtower Castle, Scotland

This morning, we departed lodgings at Dalmunzie Castle to commence Day 2 of our castles themed tour.

Dalmunzie Castle

Dalmunzie Castle Hotel

First stop was was Huntingtower near Perth. This was formerly known as Ruthven Castle but names was changed when the Ruthvens fell out of favour with the Royals in 16th C. This castle originally comprised two Tower Houses built just 3 m apart. Features lavishly decorated walls and ceilings from 1540. Read more on Castles Tour of Scotland…

This afternoon, I collected guests at Edinburgh Aiport and the proceeded to:

Castle Campbell,an extended Tower House, located high on the Ochills  near Dollar about 10 miles from Stirling in central Scotland.This castle dates from the 15th century and was formerly known as Castle Gloom. Acquired by the Campbells in 1481. It his associations with John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots. Fell into disrepair following occupation by Cromwell’s troops in 1653-4. Now manged by Historic Scotland. Elevation affords superb views  over the local countryside.

Castle Campbell, Dollar Glen

Castle Campbell, Dollar Glen, Scotland

Castle Campbell nr Dollar

Castle Campbell nr Dollar, Scotland

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