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Ring of Brodgar, Stone Circle

Ring of Brodgar, Stone Circle, Orkney

This evening, my post is focused on the famous Ring of Brodgar, a circle-henge which is located some 10 miles WNW of Kirkwall and in close proximity to other prehistoric sites such as Maes Howe and the Ring of Stenness.

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Antonine Wall at Rough Castle

Antonine Wall at Rough Castle, Scotland

This morning, I met with study tour group from Holland at Glasgow and then progressed as follows:

First to visit the The Antonine Wall World Heritage Site at Bonney Bridge. This Wall originally stretched 59km from the River Forth in the east of Scotland to Old Kilpatrick o the River Clyde in the west. It was initiated by the Emperor, Antoninus and was built around the period AD 139-142. It has been estimated that the construction force (military) totalled 8000 men. Along the Wall there may have been 26 forts of which Rough Castle (subject of visit) was one. After the death of Antoninus the Wall was progressively abandoned and the Romans withdrew the frontier back to south to Hadrian’s Wall which was reoccupied about AD 160.

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This evening, my focus is on Linlithgow Palace, a ruined Renaissance style palace which dates from the 15th century.

Visiting Linlithgow Palace

Visiting Linlithgow Palace, Scotland

Some key historical facts:

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