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Today, was the highlight of our Scotland Tour.

We first visited Ian Sinclair of the Clan Sinclair Study Centre and Library who resides in a former lighthouse close to Wick in N Scotland.

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Today, collected my tour group from Clan MacDuff Hotel at Fort William then drove to nearby Inverlochy Castle which dates from the 13th century when it was buit as a Comyn family power base. With help from the information board it is possible to envisage the size and importance of this still significant ruin.

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This evening, my theme is the Battle of Killiecrankie which took place north of Dunkeld, central Scotland, in and around the pass of Killiecrankie, a narrow and treacherous valley through which flows the River Garry.

This battle has its origins in the enforced abdication in 1688 of the Catholic leaning King James VII of Scotland/King James II of Scotland and his replacement by the Protestants, William and Mary from Holland. However, there remained a body of support for James in Scotland, collectively known as Jacobites (Jacob is Latin for James).

Two armies were facing up to eacxh other: the Jacobites under ‘Bonnie Dundee’ had a force of about 2500 Highlanders whilst the Government forces under Mackay totalled some 4000.

On July 27th, Mackay’s army navigated through the pass and deployed at Urrard House. Dundee’s forces attacked over the high ground from the direction of Blair Castle. The high ground gave the Jacobites advantage with Mackay’s forces strung out with high ground at front and the fast flowing Garry to the rear. Dundee ordered the charge at 8.00pm. Read more on Battle of Killiecrankie 1689…